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A vision for the future

our philosophy

Making the marginal & small farmers ready for a free market

Agrix Agro vision for Farming Technology


Promote smart, digital farming employing technologies such as big data, IoT, and plant phenomics in an affordable way


Our vision is to usher-in the age of agriculture 4.0 in India by promoting smart, digital farming


Using technologies such as computer vision and IoT sensors to modify agriculture in vast new ways

Our Services

providing a complete farming ecosystem to the farmers

Agrix Agro machinery rental

Efficient Machinery Rental

Mechanization of fragmented farms through efficient clustering

Data Analysis of Farm Inputs by Agrix Agro

Quality Agri inputs supply

Data led Agri-inputs supply and farm management for value added inputs


Farm Management Technology by Agrix Agro

Farm Management

Management  of farms and farmers’ data within a cluster for actionable insights

Data Analysis of Farm Inputs by Agrix Agro

Strong Market Linkage

Digital maps for real time yield predictions for better planning on  offtakers side

Smart, Digital Farming

Keeping farming in sync with the changing technologies

Plant Phenomics

High throughput imaging and loT sensors based plant phenomics

Using Big Data in Farming

We collect the field data, analyze it, visualize it, and model it

Our Innovations

Ushering-in the age of Agriculture 4.0

Responsible Innovations for Smart Farming

The Journey

To be a Member of an Innovative Farming Community

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Making the change, one farm at a time