Our Story

We have both tech and domain expertise, and strong rural background

Agrix is absolute advantage to small and marginal farmers. With our tried and tested profitable agriculture management ideas, farmers have earned better realizations per acre (40% more than before).

With 24×7 farm automation and timely availability of services, Agrix added additional cropping season – Zaid, which has helped farmers to earn more revenue.

With a view to engage farmers across the agri value chain, we are focused to make agriculture smart and affordable by providing a complete farming ecosystem and mentorship support to the farmers.

Agrix Agro Farming Agritech Technology

Passionate Team

Nilay Pandey

Dr. Nilay Pandey

Tech Development & Data Science

PhD, IIT Delhi

Sandeep Joshi

Dr. Sandeep Joshi

D2D Communication & Machine Learning

 PhD, IIT Delhi

Saurav Singh

Saurav Singh

Operations & Supply Chain Management


Vivek Kumar agrix agro

Vivek Kumar

Rural Outreach and agro-innovations


Advisory Panel

Pankaj Karna Agrix Agro

Pankaj Karna

Managing Director at MAPLE Capital Advisors

Abhinav Grover Agrix Agro

Abhinav Grover

Director at Maple Accelerator

Samarth Agrawal Agrix Agro

Samarth Agrawal

Co-founder & CEO, MaxWholesale

S K Gautam Agrix Agro

S.K. Gautam

Advisor for Complete Agri Value Chain

Manish C. Pandey Agrix Agro

Manish C. Pandey

Mentor for Precision Farming, CEO at Agriculturist

Business Partnership